Kanken Mini And Classic Backpacks For School

Kanken Mini And Classic Backpacks


Commuting to school can be very tiring, especially if you live far away, what with all the books and notebooks that you have to carry around all day. And if you ever opted for a shoulder bag instead of a backpack, then you also know just how painful it can be. But, backpacks will never go out of style, and I found two that are just perfect for school – the Kanken Mini and Classic.

Both of them are made by the Swedish manufacturer Fjallraven. If you know anything about the Swedish, then you already know that these two are going to be high-quality and sturdy backpacks.  Accordingly, the Kanken Classic is sized to fit teens and adults, and the Mini is the perfect size for small children. But, the Mini can also be adjusted to perfectly fit an adult who just wants to have a cool .

Cool Features Of The Kanken Mini And Classic Backpacks

There is a lot of color variety. You will find either of these packs in your favorite color, and that’s always a bonus in my book. Sturdy materials. The packs are made from lightweight material that is both water-resistant and dirt-resistant, which is particularly important if you are considering getting it for school use. The other thing is a name and address label, which is actually a pretty cool thing – especially for a school backpack. And the Kanken Classic can also fit most laptops into the main compartment, apart from Fjallraven Kanken 15 laptop backpack.

Exterior pockets. There are two side pockets on the Kanken packs, and one zippered pocket on the front. The side pockets are great for any smaller items you want to keep handy, like pens or water bottles. On the other hand, the front pocket is large enough to fit your phone and wallet.

Spacious main compartment. Both backpacks have a zippered main compartment that is basically empty, apart from two things. One is the foam padding in the back pocket that keeps the packs flat and protects your back.

Multiple carrying options. So, you can carry the Kankens on your back, just like you can traditional backpacks. But, what makes these stand out is that you can also use the double carry straps, and carry them around like a purse. This will probably be more appealing to the female population that’s reading this, but nonetheless, it’s a cool option.

The reflective logo. The Fjallraven logo on the front of the packs is reflective, and will definitely stand out in the dark. But other than that, it will also help others notice you at night, which is helpful if you tend to commute home at that time. And especially if you often ride a bike!

Kanken Mini Vs. Classic

Kanken Mini Vs. Classic backpack

Both packs will perform just fine, but you will obviously be able to fit more things in the Classic backpack. So, if you are an adult or a teenager, I would advise you to get the Kanken Classic. On the other hand, if you are shopping for a small child, then the Kanken Mini is the perfect choice for them. It will fit them perfectly, and even when they grow up they will have a cool tiny backpack to carry around. The Mini is a great choice for a smaller bag. It measures 11.5 inches tall, seven inches wide, and five inches deep.

The Kanken Mini is a smaller version of the Kanken classic backpack. It weighs just seven ounces and is perfect for a daypack. Kanken mini black and Kanken mini pink are popular choice for both adults and kids. The top two compartments make it great for holding your water bottle or a wallet. The classic is also available in several sizes. The small size allows you to take it with you wherever you go. It also features a name and address label for easy identification.

The Mini can hold a lot of books. It is large enough to carry a regular-sized binders, but it is not as large as the classic. It’s a handbag instead of a backpack. The Kanken Mini can be used for both work and school, as it is made for daily use. The Kanken Mini lacks the durability and comfort of a traditional Kanken. It has high-quality nylon straps but no padding, making it a better option for everyday usage.