Customize Your Fjallraven Kanken VSCO Backpacks

Fjallraven unique backpacks

Fjallraven Kanken come in many colors, from fog to frost green, you can find a backpack that matches your style. These unique backpacks are using high-quality materials and will last for many years. As a result, they are extremely lightweight and durable.


If you’re looking for a beautiful, durable backpack that can take everything you need with you, look no further than the Kanken sling. These backpacks are available in many different colors and sizes to match your style and your lifestyle. In addition, they’re also applying eco-friendly materials, which means that you’re helping to keep the planet healthy.

The Fjallraven crossbody backpack is applying a lightweight, durable fabric, and it is comfortable to wear on your back. The boxy shape is designed to look chic and is adorned with the circular Fjallraven logo. A popular fashion trend is the VSCO girl, who wears her with a cute, throwback style.

The Fjallraven G1000 is the ideal backpack for little adventurers. The durable fabric makes it a practical choice for trips with kids. Besides, it’s also water-resistant and features easy-to-hydrate compartments.

Stylish Fjallraven Kanken VSCO Backpack

Fjallraven Kanken are popular with the hipster crowd and are sure to turn heads as you walk down the street. These stylish backpacks were originally created for schoolchildren in the 1970s, but have since found a following among fashionistas. The colorful, candy-colored Fjallraven Kanken sling is using durable, lightweight material and features a circular logo that is easy to identify.

Since the first Kanken backpack was introduced in 1978, the design has not changed much. The basic is still popular, and the brand has embraced the “VSCO girl” trend with an array of Fjallraven fox backpack. However, these are expensive, and the Fjallraven Kanken is definitely one for the aficionados.

Although Fjallraven Kanken does not break down its sales figures, its backpack is the company’s most famous ambassador. It’s ubiquitous on campuses, hiking trails, and hostels and comes in more than 30 different colors. Besides, its boxy shape and vibrant colors have made it popular with social media users. Moreover, the company encourages users to use the hashtag #Kanken to promote the product.

Fjallraven Kanken Unique Backpacks

How to DIY Your Fjallraven

You can customize your Fjallraven Kanken with your favorite colors, design, and adornments. You can finish the process all by yourselves on the Fjallraven website and uses 3D simulation. The vinylon F construction of your Fjallraven G1000 will remain the same. It features an ample main compartment with a zipper for easy access. In addition, it also comes with an interior back pocket with a seat cushion, which prevents cargo from poking your back. A wide side pocket with a zipper will keep your gear secure, and an interior pocket will provide a place to put a small umbrella.

When choosing your color, you should consider your personality and the style you want to create. For instance, if you are a girl, you might want to go for Kanken mint green backpack. It will match your outfit well, but if you’re into the outdoors, you can also go for a Fjallraven raven 28.

for Outdoor Adventure

The Kanken rainbow backpack is a great outdoor option for those who love bright colors. This backpack has adjustable straps and a zipped interior pocket. In addition, it also has flat side pockets and reflective Kanken logos. While it is small and does not include shoulder padding, it is still very functional and will hold all of your essentials.

If you’ve been following the VSCO girl movement for a while, you know the importance of having a fashionable, comfortable backpack. Whether you’re headed to the beach or exploring the wilderness, you’ll want to have one of these beautiful backpacks. The Fjallraven Kanken is the perfect choice for young women who love the outdoors. These backpacks blend classic Scandinavian design with modern comfort. The circular logo adds a pop of color to any outfit.